Introducing… Scratch!

Hey, guys, Scratch here.

Well, I’m one step closer to becoming a PHB author in my opinion. Thanks for inviting me to the blog, CK!

Anyway, if you don’t know me already, I’m DJScratchStep, but you can just call me Scratch. (Also known on Poptropica as Trusty Bear.) I run my own blog, in which I call The Poptropica Help Island, and I’m also planning to make 2 new blogs going over other games and reviewing other things. I tend to be crazy, though, and I’m almost into high school, so I may use big words. If you don’t know what a word I say means, just comment and I’ll clarify* what it means.

Otherwise, that’s all I’ve got. Be prepared for my next post!

*clarify- to explain in a simpler way


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