Looking For New Graphics

Hello CKPB Fam, Its me RS here once again. Today I am here to see if anybody that is blog staff or blog readers that can make us a background and or image that is at the top of the blog page. We are hoping that somebody will be willing to do it for free. If you think you can do it, comment below and give us information

Peace Out

Poptropica Worlds

Hello CKPB readers, Its ya boy Red Spider back at it again Finally Blogging again with another post. As you know pop’s creators announced the new poptropica called poptropica worlds. On the creators blog, they gave some answers to our questions. First off: Poptropica.com will not be shut down when the new poptropica releases. Another great feature is that your poptropican from regular poptropica can be used in pop worlds. You will live in a fully customizable home. And there is also one sad thing about it: all new islands will not be put on poptropica.com, only poptropica worlds.

Peace out

Resignation note

Hello Readers, RS here with some unfortunate news. Due to being inactive on Poptropica and not posting, reading the blogs, catching up on Poptropica news, I have decided to resign from all my positions. I hope that you guys will remember me as an author on my blogs and will miss me. I will give my blog out to a trusted blogger that will keep it alive. I would like to thank cuddly for adding me to this blog a long time ago and all my fellow authors at my blog. Goodbye Poptropicans

Yours Truly,

Red Spider

A contest 

Hello poptropicans. It is me RS and for the 8th birthday of poptropica I am gonna do something very special *drumroll sounds* A contest! The winner will be Drew by me Red Spider. Authors are unreliable for this contest but anybody else is, wear what you want drawn and keep it on until it is over, and only enter once. Comment using the guidelines below.

  1. Put your username or avatar studio link
  2. Do you want your poptropicans name on it (yes/no)
  3. Do you want a message on it (if so put what the message is but it must be appropriate. 

Here are some more rules

  • Do not wear ad items
  • Do not wear anything that may be hard to draw (such as rare parts, roped body ect.)
  • Do not change your look once you post the comment

Winners will be announced on September 27  only one will win and everybody has the same chance of winning

here is the ticket numbers (this is not the winners) 

agent sponge’s are 443592 and 443588

ultimate iPad experts are 443589 and 443590

wild sharks are 443586 and 443593

Super drummers are 443595 and 443594

and last muddy kids are 443591 and 443587 

You can share your realms

Yep. Now on poptropica you can share your realms. You get a code and others use it to see your realm. It is similar to multiverses  except you can’t see anybody else that may be there. Have any realms of yours to share? Give us your realm code in the comments