Comment Policy

Hi, everyone! Before you have fun in this blog, I want to put in some rules because you know what- This blog is a rated-G blog, so you guys have to make it really safe by following these rules:

Commenter Rules

1) Control your language properly! Again, this is a rated G blog, so I don’t want to see any bad language or inappropriate content(swearing, talking about drugs, homosexuality, violence, etc).

2) Poptropica-related please. Post your comments in the right category, and since this is a Poptropica-themed blog, keep the subject of it!

3) Be nice to one another. That means NO cyber-bullying, calling names, stalking, scaring people, offending, etc.

4) Keep your own person information to YOURSELF. Do not ask for or share your personal information to others.

5) Don’t SPAM. Spamming means putting too many emotes in a comment (Maximum is 5), posting a comment with only emotes/all CAPS, talking trash like “41ht785hgf8713f6”, typing the same character too many times like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”(Maximum is 8), and/or advertising websites on any page or post other than the “AWESOME WEBSITES!” page.

6) Absolutely NO Impersonating. Don’t pose as someone else, guys. Nobody likes that. -_-

7) Comment and like often! It’s always boring and lonely when nobody comments on and likes the posts and pages 😦

8) Don’t ask to be an author or editor. If you would like to do so, request here. The CKPB is always hiring! 😉

9) Do not try to break these rules

Author/Editor Posting Rules

  1. All the commenter rules apply to posting.
  2. Try to post as frequently as you can.
  3. Don’t plagiarize from other blogs while making a post/page.
  4. Don’t edit any post without the poster’s permission, and don’t edit any page without Cuddly’s permission.
  5. Try to write as much details in your posts as you can. Don’t write lazy things in a post with just one lazy sentence like this: “______ island is now out goodbye -author”

All right! That is it, but more rules will be coming soon in my blog, and any comment, post, or page violating any of these rules will be put in spam or deleted permanently. And if that person who posted this rule-violating comment or post violates the rules over 5 times, he or she will be BANNED from commenting on this blog or removed from the team until further notice. And you, follow these rules and have fun. Also Remember to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK


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