Hey guys, if you wanted to become an author or editor in Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog, this page is for you! Just comment on this page and include this in your comment:

1) Your Poptropican name and username

2) Your WordPress username

3) Author or Editor?

4) Why you want to be one

5) Your blogging experience

6) A small bio (Do not include your personal information, because that’s violating the comment policy)

One more thing to tell you: You can only request to be a blog worker on this page. Do not request on any other post or page except this one. If you DO request on any other page or post, that is a violation of our comment policy and your comment will be spammed.

53 thoughts on “HELP WANTED!!!

  1. Poptropica name and username: Trusty Biker and ihg0119
    Wordpress username: trustybiker
    I would like to be author
    I want to be one because…I’m not really sure I just like to be very active in a bunch of stuff…
    I have my own blog:
    I would prefer not to have my information shared…


  2. My poptropica name is Silver Speck
    I love poptropica a lot, and want to help other kids with theyโ€™re poptropica problems.
    I have a blog, itโ€™s private but I keep it up to date, sorta.
    On Saturdays Iโ€™m usually on Poptropica so That means I sorta know a lot. I have 37 island medallions (including Galactic Hot Dogs) Iโ€™m a member.
    I hope for your answer soon. Thanks!


  3. I wanna be one!
    1. Big Peanut and Spicerupper1
    2. rarepower
    3. Editor
    4. In return for being a author on MY blog
    5. DH told me everything he knows about blogging. I just started.
    6. I am someone who likes Poptropica, Making new friends, hanging out and generally having fun!

    Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur: Okay, I’ll add you. Coming right up! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. 1. Red spider / kurtbushg
    2. Kurtbushg1
    3. Editor
    4. I want to help out blogs
    5. Active and quick
    6. A kid who loves 80’s and 90’s music

    Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur: Okay, hired! ๐Ÿ˜€ Coming right up.


  5. Hey!
    1) Popular Wolf/ jvs134
    2) jvs134
    3) Author
    4) Because I am always updating, and I love to blog!
    5) I have had a blog since September, and I have been closely following this blog and the PHB
    6) I am a hyperactive, fun person who has been playing Poptropica since a bit after it opened.
    Hope you enjoyed! ๐Ÿ˜›

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  6. 1. Tall Cactus, username: macandcheese520
    2. tallcactus
    3. Author
    4. Because it will be fun and I want to help this blog!
    5. My blog-
    6. I’m just a girl who absolutely LOVES Poptropica!

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  7. Wow! I wanna be one!
    1. Shiny Panda, AwesomeCY:)
    2. shinypandapoptropica
    3. Author ๐Ÿ˜€
    4. Because I LOVE reading people’s blogs and writing one will make it MORE fun!!!
    5. I have my own blog,
    6. I don’t like sharing info, but heres one fact, I LOVE POPTROPICA!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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  8. 2)stripedlizard14
    4)I’ve never gotten an opportunity to be an author on a blog before
    5)I’m a girl who loves Poptropica, coding, art, and writing.

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  9. I’d like to become a blog worker ๐Ÿ™‚
    Poptropica Name: Magic Panda
    Username: cute$coconut
    WordPress Username: magicpanda2
    I would like to be an author.
    I would like to be an author because I like sharing things I find about Poptropica, and if I become an author, it would be my first time ๐Ÿ˜€
    I like glitching/coding, and I go on the PHB a lot.

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  11. Pop username: DJScratchStep (Trusty Bear)
    Wordpress username: DJScratchStep (do you not see it lol)
    Job: Author
    Why: I run my own blog by myself, and after MY finals, I’ll be doing a post daily, why not?
    Blogging experience: I’ve run my own Poptropica blog for 3-4 months, and I’m soon gonna make 2 more blogs.
    Short Bio: Can’t think of one right now XD

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    • I was rushed at the time I was posting that, here’s my bio:
      I’ve been playing Poptropica for… 8 years, was it? I can barely remember, but I’ve been playing on it for a while, and I’m continuing to play it. Blogs are also another favorite thing, so I run my own Poptropica blog along with two others that I will reveal on my Poptropica blog today (although I haven’t officially made them.)

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  13. 1) Speedy Lizard RAHR52

    2) rahr52

    3) Author

    4) I saw you wanted help, and I like to help ๐Ÿ™‚

    5) Well, I’m an author on Super Comet’s Super Poptropica Blog

    6) I started playing Poptropica this year in February, but I am really involved in the community and I have completed more than 30 islands

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  14. Hey Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur! If you’re not looking for authors anymore, that’s fine, but…
    1. Lucky Snowball/ Happyhappy760
    2. luckyblizzards
    3. author
    4. I a blog I share with a friend (short popper) about poptropica,
    5. I have been blogging since just a short while ago, but I am really good with animations and computers. ๐Ÿ™‚
    6. I have been playing Pop since I was seven, and joined the Pop community when I was ten. I have solved every island (57) and I am not a member.
    So, also, if you allow me to be an author, could I help with the header? I could use photo shop and stuff to make it look good (not that it isn’t already), but that’s just something I’m good at. ๐Ÿ˜›


  15. Hello, I’ve always wanted to be an author on a blog so here we go!….
    1. Short Lion & wiiboy129
    2. mariotropica
    3. Author ๐Ÿ˜€
    4. I’ve always wanted to be an author since the beginning of this year. I’m running out of things to do on Poptropica, so why not be on a blog?
    5. I’m a very frequent viewer and commenter on the PHB, and I’m thinking about starting my own Blog soon.
    6. I like playing Poptropica (of course ๐Ÿ™‚ ) , Mario video games, and watching the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!! I also like playing basketball and football.

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  16. Poptropican name and username: Cuddly Brain, Wheze4
    Wordpress name: G-Hopper
    Author or Editor?: Author
    Why I want to be one: I like to be helpful, and blogging is really fun to me.
    My blogging experience: I used to post frequently on The Poptropica Times Blog, but it’s kind of dead now, I also own a blog at
    A small bio: I started playing Poptropica in 2011, but I left for a while and came back in 2015. I started blogging an going on discord this year.

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