Temporary Leaving Blogging.

Hey guys and girls, I’ve got really bad news. I’m just going to post this Discord message here:

@everyone listening? Yes? No? I really hate to say this, but I don’t know how many times I’m going to say that I’m not leaving blogging. Well, unfortunately for this time, I am. I don’t even know when I’m going to come back, because I have had school problems and tests coming up. I had to study more than hang out with this community, and when I’m trying to find time to post on Cuddly’s Worlds, I notice I have a lot of due dates on homework assignments and tests, and I don’t have straight A’s, but not only school is bothering me, but my dog was very sick last week and my doctor had nothing to do with him but to put him down. I know I will always remember Gideon (his name), because he’s got all the love from us in his life, ever since I was very young (yeah, we both were very young) and I can’t forget about all the fun we’ve both had, now it feels very sad to say goodbye to a beloved friend, and this had been giving me anxiety and lowering my self-esteem. Now for one final note. I am not going to shut down Cuddly’s Worlds, I am going to have it sit there dead. I will still be on the community, but less active. I am not going to Discord very often, I am not going to post drawings on deviantART very often, and so on. I really will miss you guys too when I’m off the community because you are all so awesome. I will probably be back to blogging at Christmas break or so, and again, I am going to miss you all and your awesomeness in the community. This is CKakaW, signing off probably for the last time.

I’ll be back, everyone.


Cuddly’s Review of Worlds/New Name for Blog

Hey guys and girls! After a lot of weeks of testing and school, I’m quite sure I can post some, anyways, let’s get to the post.

In this post, I’m going to make my own review of Worlds, which has some good and bad things about it, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Let’s start with the negative parts of the game.

Your Avatar’s look does not get transferred from the classic Pop to Worlds.

A few weeks ago in May the 23rd, Worlds finally came out and I got so excited. When I got home from school that day, I went to the website, waited for the long loading to stop, typed in my username and password, and here he was…

Screenshot from 2017-05-23 15-51-04

When I first saw him, I thought, “hey, this isn’t Cuddly…” Yeah, it’s really weird.

So, as you can see, when you log in your account, your avatar’s exact appearance does not get transferred to the new game, so you have to get a completely new look, unless hopefully the creators add new things. (They still haven’t, though. 😦 )

The game is pretty laggy and can crash sometimes.

Alright, here’s Crisis Caverns, I’m gonna explore, wow this place is- WHAT IN THE WORLD, DISCONNECTED?!!! 😡

(picture coming soon)

My Internet is working, and they say I’m disconnected? So, about this, you can get this message randomly just because it’s pretty buggy or it’s getting strained from the traffic. *rolls eyes*

Alright, I’ve logged in and I’m in Home Island again, gonna go for a swim…

Screenshot from 2017-05-23 18-00-41

…and he’s not moving. Perfect. 😦

I was kinda annoyed when I saw this, so I had to refresh the page to resolve this mess.

When playing the game, you can see your avatar all white and bald, let’s call him Bleachy Boy.

I recently saw people saying that there was some “Bleachy Boy” in the game, which kinda seemed like the Afro Guy of the game, right? (Thanks Tareloin for the image! 🙂 )



Luckily, the creators were contacted about the Bleachy Boy glitch and it was finally fixed, hopefully we won’t see this again, so I type #StopBleachyBoy2017! 😎

When moving your character, it’s not as smooth as the classic Pop.

Yeah, all I can say is that the character can move clumsily and it’s difficult to control them. Yeah, he’s just kicking the ground, moving weirdly like a lil’ kid.

There are a lot of negative parts of Worlds, and they are so freaking sick. Geez! Anyways, let’s move on to the positive parts…

When you log in, you have a house and you get to customize it!

Now, your house is on Home Island when you first log in, and it’s on the right on top of that hill with Cliff Horsebuff next to your house. Ahh, there it is!

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-37-10

…and let’s go inside! Ahh, it looks perfect.

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-44-58Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-47-17

Now, inside the house, you can just customize the house with furniture, decorations, anything you like! So, lemme put this Cars 3 Poster on that wall (You guys excited for that movie? 🙂 )

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-49-13

And right now I don’t have any furniture in this house yet, but there’s a shop button in the Decor Tab, when you click on that, you can just click on the tabs and buy things for your house!

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-55-30

I’m gonna take that animal tooth for 15 credits and place it upstairs between those locked doors (they’re locked for now until the creators announce it)… now I have a furniture.

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-53-20

And that basketball hoop and the other items that say “Membership” in a yellow button means that only members could buy the item, and I feel like I wanna put this on the negative li-

Random person from the audience: Hey, I’m a member and I can buy this!

I mean, this is negative for nonmembers like me and positive for you members. Especially this is negative for nonmembers… who can’t afford membership.

Anyways, let’s move on…

There’s a prize wheel in the left which you can spin every day and receive free credits!

Every day when you log in the game, go to Captain Scuttlebutt on the ship and spin the big wheel next to him and you will get the amount of credits on part of the wheel when it stops!

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 15-13-23

I got 75 credits today… and spent 15 of ’em on that tooth furniture.

Anyways, that’s all my negative and positive points for Worlds, here’s the summary for my Worlds review:


  1. Your avatar’s exact appearance does not get transferred to the game.
  2. The game can crash and you can get annoyed.
  3. Your character can become completely white colored and bald, also known as Bleachy Boy.
  4. When moving your avatar, the movement is not as smooth as the classic Pop.


  1. You have your own house and you can customize it.
  2. There’s a credits wheel you can spin every day to get free credits.

And finally, here’s my overall rating for Worlds, it gets a


And that concludes my review for Worlds, I hope you all enjoyed it and if you disagree with anything I still respect you. 😉 Do you have anything you can add to my list?

And I guess… that’s all for today, CK out!  Wait! 

Before I end this post, I am going to change this blog’s name to Cuddly’s Worlds, and I probably need a new header and logo for the blog. If you guys are willing to make one for the blog, just don’t be shy, DM me on Discord and I’ll put it up when I have time to.

Anyways, we can end this post now. Cuddly out! 😉


You know what guys, I’ll stop posting for now.

Hey guys and girls, I… I have really bad news.

I have been really busy this school year dealing with my grades and communicating with my family, and other stuff, and they really kept me from getting time to make posts and update this blog. My Sophomore and Junior years are the most important years of my life to prepare for college and to go on with my life. 😦

I don’t really want to leave this community, but unfortunately I am going to stop posting on the CKPB until further notice, but I’m not shutting it down. I’m just going to take a break from posting on this blog, don’t think about crying, I’m not leaving.

Before I even press the Publish button on the button, I really want to say that, all of you in the Popcommunity are really awesome people, I mean, everyone, you are all very friendly, creative, funny, and most likely, you all are amazing. I just want to tell you all to stay awesome forever, keep up the good work. :’)

Again, guys and girls, I want to say that I am not leaving the community, I am just going to stop posting on blogs until further notice, and I’ll still be on social media. I’ll go back to posting maybe in the summer break or so (THERE’S 1 MORE MONTH YAAAAAAS)

Anyways, I hope you all stay awesome, and I wish you all good luck to the Popcommunity.

-C.K. signing off ❤

What if this happened?

Hey guys and girls!

Last month, I saw that my good friend Tall Cactus made something called “What If?” and then Purple Claw did it too in response on his blog. And then Lucky Wing. And then Vampi. And guess who’s turn is it now? It’s mine!


What if the sponsored islands are different realms?

Hmm, maybe they could be different worlds! Interesting…

What if only the people on Home Island (and Mocktropica) know that they are in a game and everyone else is brainwashed?

Well… I guess everything could get strange and maybe I would be like, “What the cheese is going on?”

What if your Poptropican ran away from their parents to explore the world and is constantly hopping from island to island to not get caught?

Maybe. Or I’m not sure.

What if restarting islands erases everyone’s memories?

Interesting. Then maybe they don’t know why your character’s in the island?

What if Poptropica is just a dream?

Then I must have a nightmare or something.

What if the Booted Bandit is your Poptropican, but from an alternate future?

Then I guess he would probably be a thief than an explorer. Or I don’t know.

What if some of the islands don’t actually take place on islands, but on the mainland?

Maybe not.

What if some islands take place on the same landmass? Maybe even one, bigger island?

Oh my ZEUS. Maybe the game would be boring.

What if all the islands in Pop were already discovered and colonized, but you just dandy find them yet?

That’s tricky. I would have to just say yes…

What if all Poptropicans have realistic names, and players just have names like Tall Cactus to keep them safe online?

Yeah, they might literally have realistic names, but the website gives funny names to our characters.

What if there is some villain out there that glued everyone’s fingers together and to their hand so Poptropicans hands are stuck as circles? (this one was more of a joke question, lol)

Wh-what? Then this is going to be CRAZY!!! :O

What if Poptropica has a tropical name even though many islands aren’t even in the tropics is because the first islands discovered were, and they just kept the name? (for example, the ancient capital of Poptropolis was tropical)

Ehh… let’s say it’s just the name. Dunno what else to say.

What if those monkeys who made your climb in Monkey Wrench Island were actually people in costumes? (also a joke question)

I would probably say so, those monkeys were really smart, helped me get my blimp to finish that race. Or maybe they read something useful for them to become smart.

What if Dr. Hare isn’t actually a doctor/doesn’t have a real doctorate degree?

Well, he probably has a doctorate degree, but he started doing crazy evil things.

What if the Booted Bandit started the trend of Poptropicans wearing shoes in the upcoming New Pop?

I’m gonna have to say yes, he probably introduced shoes. Thanks, BB!

What if the New Pop answers all of these random questions, or more?

Then I guess everything would get weird. Or boring.

Aaaaaand that’s all for the “What if” post! One more thing to say:

Today when I came back from school, I noticed that Club Penguin was going to shut down this year. I know this is kinda sad, but fortunately Pop will still go on forever, we hope! 😀

Oh, and before I end this post, make sure to enter the Community Creations Contest on the PHB! I am currently drawing something for that contest, it’s in my sta.sh in my deviantART right now. Guess who I am shipping Cuddly with?

Here’s a hint:


If you can’t see the picture, let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it.

Anyways if you would like to do this “What if” thing on your blog, feel free to comment below. Don’t be shy. 😉

Well, I gotta go now, CK out!

-Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur


I’m Back! Plus I am getting less active, but not leaving.

The title says it all, guys and girls. 😦

I have been studying and communicating with my family IRL, and that really prevented me from having enough time to post news on this blog.

My Semester Finals are coming, and school will bring me a lot of work to do, so I will be less active from posting on this blog. BUT I’m not leaving. 🙂

I will, well, post less often in this blog, and I really don’t want this blog to shut down, so I will need more active authors, so if you want to sign up to be an author, just go to the page named “HELP WANTED.” And my current CKPB Authors, please be more active as much as you can, because again, sorry if I’m being a bit rough, but I really don’t want this blog to shut down, because I know all of you guys are really awesome people in the community. ❤

-Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur

Credits, Credits, and MORE CREDITS!!! (Also, shout-out to PHB and Thinknoodles)

Hey guys and girls!

Recently, the Creators gave us EXCITING NEWS…

We can now get LOTS OF CREDITS for playing the Islands of the month, and replaying islands!


-The Islands of the month are Mystery of the Map and Virus Hunter, if you complete MOTM or Virus Hunter for the very first time, you get 500 CREDITS!!!

-They also increased the amount of credits for the first time you complete an island, from 150 credits to 300 CREDITS, and they give you the same amount when you replay the islands of the month!

-And when you replay any other island you already completed, you get 100 credits. Well sadly, you can only replay once to get the credits. 😦

Skinny Moon on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog gave a shout out to the best Poptropica Blog in the world, the Poptropica Help Blog, and Thinknoodles!

The Poptropica Cuddly Chat on Discord

Hey guys and girls! Welp, sorry for not posting for a long time, high school has been hard for me. Anyways…

The official CKPB Chat, the PCC, has moved to Discord!

One year ago, I started a Xat Chat, but now I’ve decided to move this chat on Discord, and now I’m trying to invite as many people in this chat as possible. So… if you want to come to the PCC, go for it, but don’t forget to follow the chat rules or you will be disciplined!


Alright, and I guess that’s pretty much it. CK out…

-Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur