Hello readers, I would like to send in a resignation of being an author on this blog. I am leaving the poptropica community for good. I know it was short lived, but I wilnot be posting any more.

Best regards, Small FIRE

This is ruining my day.

I was at Poptropica Realms today, and then a bug happened- When I died by being blown up by TNT, my cursor didn’t work and then I just clicked my mouse on the “Try Again” button, and this happened: My character was not in the screen.

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I tried clicking on the Explore button (The compass icon in the bottom left of the screen) and clicking somewhere on the screen so that my character could jump up to the screen, but that didn’t work. Then I clicked on the Realms button (the Earth icon on the bottom right of your screen) then visited the world again, but that still didn’t work.


-CK a.k.a Wilbur