Uh, hi.

Uh, hi.

I’m G-Hopper, and let’s say I joined the blog, maybe, a month, weeks ago? Well now I’m saying hello.

Waddup, you can call me G, and I am the CKPB’s new author! I love to dab, to name one of the things I do. I play Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and obviously, Poptropica! My favorite Poptropica island is Mythology, and my least favorite:GHD!!!(obviously)



Here’s my Poptropican, just for show.

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Goodbye for now! I’ll see y’all later!

This News Just in…

Hello, this is Melon McMelon with this breaking news! There is a new author on the Cuddly Knuckle Blog! His name is MariotropicaX, and he likes Mario, Poptropica, and the Dallas Cowboys. He has completed 53 islands and counting. Here is an interview with him.

Melon McMelon: Are you excited to be an author on the Cuddly Knuckle Blog?

MariotropicaX: I’m extremely excited!

McM: What do want the people of Poptropica to call you?

MX: They can call me MariotropicaX, MX, or Melon McMelon.

McM: Wait, that’s my name!

MX: Then you should feel honored! 

McM: Okay then, next question. When did you start to play Poptropica?

MX: Around 2010 or 2011. I noticed my older sister playing it, so I thought, “Hey that game looks cool! I think I should play it!”. So I made a ton of accounts. My main account is wiiboy129.

McM: Thank you for sharing about yourself to the people of Poptropica!

MX: It’s my pleasure!

Thank you for tuning in to the 10:00 Poptropica News. Until next time, this is Melon McMelon signing off. Good day everyone!jumping pig

New Author: The Nerdy Purple Claw!

Hello guys! My name is Purple Claw as some of you know and I am your newest author! IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME, I DON’T CARE! Just kidding guys! By the way, thank you Cuddly Knuckle for inviting me to this beloved blog! I means so much to me! Now a few words about me:

You can describe me as a crazy and a nerdy 14 year old boy. I love making memes (Not meme face, I am not UiPE) and a am working on two other blogs! My own, Clawtropica and the Poptropica Skunk Blog! You won’t be sorry visiting these blogs, trust me! I am also discord active and I LOVE french fries and animals! If you are rude to those things you will have a bad day! So anyway, that was everything I had to say about me!


WAIT! Don’t go! I wanted to tell you about the latest news! You all noticed the brand-new map, didn’t you? Instead of being organised by chronological order, it is organised by popularity and they are all colored now and that would be hard for a new player to understand which islands are sound-updated and which aren’t. So here is a pic of the new map:


It is beautiful alright. BUT the best part is that:


The island now has information, it has progress bars and it shows the island’s difficultly! How great is that?

But now Dr.Hare has the map too! Oh no! We’re doomed! Actually no. He said us that the new map is now the Poptropicapp! So yeah… That was PC your newest (and crazy) author. Until next time:

– PC out! 😛


Hi everyone, My name is Silver Speck, and I am also a new author on this blog. As an author I will do my best to keep you updated about all the cool things in poptropica! Of course there will be some times where I might forget to post, but that is why we have other authors! I work for two other blogs so that is why it will be hard. The first is my blog Poptropica Voice. I keep it posted almost every day. The second is Poptropica Inside and Out Trusty Biker’s Blog. She started way before me, so she has lots of good stuff. Check out hers! Then there is this blog. Which has tons of great stuff. It is written by of course Cuddly Knuckles! That ends my little post here, and I hope you guys will like me!

Silver Speck

Silver Speck

New Author!

Hi guys! My name is Trusty Biker, and I have just been accepted as the newest author of this blog! I will try my best to keep you updated on everything Poptropica, and I hope you will love me!

Trusty Biker

trusty biker pic_updated