Contest Winners and Inactivity

Hello Poptropicans! This is Melon McMelon with some CKPB News!

First of all, I have the winners for my Poppies Costume contest!

Can I get a Drum roll Pleeeeessssseeeee!

Second Place goes to………….



Rockin’ the green hair man!!!!

1st place goes to, the one, the only,


I currently do not have a picture of TMF, so If you could provide me with one, that would be AWESOME!!!!

And now, the time you’ve all been waiting for, The Grand Prize winner goes to…….. ME!!!!!! SPEEDY LIZARD!!!!!!!!


Its Just so, so, GOLDEN!!!!!!!


And the prize for all the winners is, Fan Art Drawn by me!

Secondly ,I would like everybody to know that I will not be active on the blog from today, until later this week. I’m going on Vacation!! I’m sure CK will keep you guys company!

Okay then, CK.

Until next time,

The ripest of Melons, Melon McMelon Out!

This should keep you company while I’m gone!

Thanks for the picture Koi!

This News Just in…

Hello, this is Melon McMelon with this breaking news! There is a new author on the Cuddly Knuckle Blog! His name is MariotropicaX, and he likes Mario, Poptropica, and the Dallas Cowboys. He has completed 53 islands and counting. Here is an interview with him.

Melon McMelon: Are you excited to be an author on the Cuddly Knuckle Blog?

MariotropicaX: I’m extremely excited!

McM: What do want the people of Poptropica to call you?

MX: They can call me MariotropicaX, MX, or Melon McMelon.

McM: Wait, that’s my name!

MX: Then you should feel honored! 

McM: Okay then, next question. When did you start to play Poptropica?

MX: Around 2010 or 2011. I noticed my older sister playing it, so I thought, “Hey that game looks cool! I think I should play it!”. So I made a ton of accounts. My main account is wiiboy129.

McM: Thank you for sharing about yourself to the people of Poptropica!

MX: It’s my pleasure!

Thank you for tuning in to the 10:00 Poptropica News. Until next time, this is Melon McMelon signing off. Good day everyone!jumping pig

Poptropica Realms Hats and a new Xat Chat Box on this Blog!!

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a long time since I haven’t posted anything (Lots of school homework and exams… you know.)

But there’s some news in Pop! First, I went to the Poptropica Store today and look- FREE Poptropica Realms Biome hats! YAY!

Screenshot 2015-02-14 19.26.38Screenshot 2015-02-14 19.34.23

Oops. Sorry for not calming down. Snow, Forest, Desert, Swamp, and Lunar biome hats are for everyone while fire and crystal biome hats are for members only. Sadly, I’m a nonmember. 😦

Anyways, if you want to get those Realms Biome Hats, guys, just GO GET THEM NOW!

Okay, That’s all for now! CYA!

Wait! I’m not ending the post yet. I want to tell you guys, if you saw that something changed in my blog’s page navigation, a Chat page was added. I made a Xat Chat Box for the CKPB, called the PCC (Poptropica Cuddly Chat), where you can talk to us and the blog readers online, but remember to follow the chat rules or you will suffer the consequences! Click on the link below for full size:

But if you do not wish to enter the chat in full size, you can go to the Xat Chat page in the page navigation.

And… I think that’s pretty much it for this post. CYA and Happy Valentine’s Day! 😀

-CK a.k.a Wilbur