Cuddly’s Snapshot!

Hi guys and girls! This is a game in the CKPB in which I post part of a picture from somewhere in Poptropica, and you will guess which island, multiverse, or gold card mini game it is from! If you guessed it correctly, you will be put in the previous winners page! BUT, if over 5 wrong guesses are said for the picture, I will add a hint to it!

The previous picture was guessed correctly by Muddy Kid


-You may not put more than one guess in a comment.

-You may not guess again before I respond to your guess.

-Be patient while the next picture is coming after the previous one is guessed correctly.

-When you guess a picture wrong, don’t guess it again.

-Don’t complain/get on a rage when you got answers wrong.

-Spams will not be accepted.

More game rules will be coming soon. 


Screenshot 2015-11-15 19.27.33


Try to guess where it’s from!

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