Hey guys and girls! Welcome to the PCC (Poptropica Cuddly Chat)!  If you want to enter the chat, just go ahead!

This chat also has rules; it’s supposed to be kid-friendly and safe. They happen any time, and violating them results in discipline consequences. Here are the rules:

1) Be appropriate. No swearing or talking about drugs, religion, homosexuality, racism, and/or other adult things. This includes posting adult videos, pictures, and advertising inappropriate and/or disturbing links.

2) Never ask for or give away private personal information. I want you all to be safe.

3) Do not spam or flood. Spamming is more than 6 smilies in one message, typing useless trash messages like 98rqytnv542h, and typing the same letter more than 8 times in one message. Flood is typing more than 4 messages in a row. If you want to spam, please go to the #dumpster text channel. Spamming in any other channel will result in consequences.

4) Be nice to other users. No cyber bullying, calling names, offending, fighting, etc. This includes telling users to “shut up” and annoying other users as well.

5) Never deceive other users. Nobody likes that.

6) Don’t argue with the staff; it’s their decision.

7) Don’t beg for higher ranks. Just show that you’re polite and never violate the rules. Keep following the rules and you will be ranked up.

8) Using CAPS in the chat is shouting, so don’t use CAPS too much or you’ll get disciplined.

9) It’s really boring if nobody often talks in the chat, so we would like it if you would talk in the chat often! 🙂

10) Absolutely NO drama allowed! If drama happens anytime in the chat, the user who started the drama will be disciplined.

11) Stay in the chat as long as you can, because it’s really sad to see people leave my chat. 😥

CKPB Staff Rules:

  1. All rules above apply to the staff rules.
  2. Do not abuse power, this means banning, kicking, and demoting users for no reason.
  3. Do not promote or unban users without Cuddly’s permission.
  4. Administrators, do not add a text or speech channel without Cuddly’s permission.


However, when you violate any of the chat rules…

  • Simple Warnings. If you break the rules for the first time in this chat, you will be warned, but you won’t be kicked or banned. I will simply warn you with something like “Hey, please don’t break the rules, okay? Thank you.”
  • Demotion. If you are warned simply three times and still break the rules, you will be demoted to a lower rank. If you are in the default rank of Discord, you will remain in the default rank longer.
  • Kicks. If you break the rules after you get demoted, you will be kicked from the chat, and will have to talk to me in order to get back on the chat.
  • Bans. A ban happens after you get kicked three times and still break the rules. Ban order: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, Further Notice, Permanently.
  • Only come here to post inappropriate content.
  • Enter the chat with an inappropriate name or picture. We will ask you to change the name or picture, and if you refuse three times you will be banned forever.
  • Act in any way you don’t belong in the chat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a CKPB Author and break the rules numerous times until you get banned forever, you will be removed from the blog. You will have to talk to me in order to get back on the blog and get unbanned in the chat.

That’s all the rules for the chat box, but more will be coming soon. Follow the rules and have fun chatting.

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