I’m still standing…

Hey guys and girls, well,I’m still going to be inactive from the community, the reason why I stated it was going to be my “last day” was because I was a bit frustrated and depressed. At that time my life was pulling apart with so much pressure, so I needed some time alone. Even though I’m not here I will still be with you awesomes :wink: Anyways, again I’m still with you guys, I was kind of devastated from life when I wrote my last message :sob: I know it seemed hard, that’s all I have to say, I’ll probably talk to you in the weekends or so and post again on this blog somewhere in the summer.


3 thoughts on “I’m still standing…

  1. It has been a year and a couple of months and no sign of you Cuddly Knuckle. I know you may not be reading this but in a very small chance you are. I just want to say I really hope you the best and I hope you can get out of the depression that you say you are in. I wish you the best Cuddly Knuckle. Even after a year and a couple of months. I haven’t forgotten about you man.

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