Saying Farewell to Flash

Hey fellow viewers, so I had to make some changes to my post in my personal blog after reblogging it, so I’m going to have to copy and paste my content to this draft. So here we go…

It’s finally here, the last month of Adobe Flash’s life before all things (well, most of them) must come to an end. The time where we see our childhood fade away in front of our eyes once we hear the ball drop in New York through live videos during that pandemic, where we hold back every tear from our eye fiber as Flash reaches its end of support.

I’m sure we’ve all had memories of playing flash games and enjoying the graphics, from those 90’s graphics and animations to 2000’s and early 2010’s games, which has changed the history of video games. Since it is confirmed that Flash will lose its support by the end of this month, we might have to say goodbye to some of the media we loved. Except that some of the nostalgic sources which used to be supported by Flash would be converted to HTML5, played through a torrent, or somehow saved from being tossed into their graves in the Internet cemetery.

I’ve heard from the Pop community which I am barely active on now. The game is slowly being transported to Haxe or HTML5, which would explain the original islands going away from the map. Not to mention that there were players who noticed their account got converted from Flash to Haxe recently. There was also some group called the “Ragtag Squad” which reportedly saved 38,000 flash games from getting deleted forever before Flash dies, such as Fancy Pants Adventure and the school shooting game Pico’s School (yes, they had a game which involves that.) for a project called Flashpoint. According to WIRED, they had apparently used a special torrent to save the games.

On a final note, while Flash is planning its leave for the next 25 days, let’s cherish the moments where we’ve had fun trying to get the principal’s keys to escape the school, running through the walls and jumping over the holes which lead us to the void of space while trying not to get frustrated while passing levels, completing islands and chatting with other players, and going through the world of Adobe Flash one last time before its support has to get Thanos-snapped out of existence.

I’ll also be sure to make it to the party as well. If I get time to while studying for my next semester, of course.

We will miss you, old friend.

R.I.P Adobe Flash, 1996-2020.


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