Temporary Leaving Blogging.

Hey guys and girls, I’ve got really bad news. I’m just going to post this Discord message here:

@everyone listening? Yes? No? I really hate to say this, but I don’t know how many times I’m going to say that I’m not leaving blogging. Well, unfortunately for this time, I am. I don’t even know when I’m going to come back, because I have had school problems and tests coming up. I had to study more than hang out with this community, and when I’m trying to find time to post on Cuddly’s Worlds, I notice I have a lot of due dates on homework assignments and tests, and I don’t have straight A’s, but not only school is bothering me, but my dog was very sick last week and my doctor had nothing to do with him but to put him down. I know I will always remember Gideon (his name), because he’s got all the love from us in his life, ever since I was very young (yeah, we both were very young) and I can’t forget about all the fun we’ve both had, now it feels very sad to say goodbye to a beloved friend, and this had been giving me anxiety and lowering my self-esteem. Now for one final note. I am not going to shut down Cuddly’s Worlds, I am going to have it sit there dead. I will still be on the community, but less active. I am not going to Discord very often, I am not going to post drawings on deviantART very often, and so on. I really will miss you guys too when I’m off the community because you are all so awesome. I will probably be back to blogging at Christmas break or so, and again, I am going to miss you all and your awesomeness in the community. This is CKakaW, signing off probably for the last time.

I’ll be back, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Temporary Leaving Blogging.

  1. It sucks when school is dragging you away from blogging. It sucks when your dog had to say good bye, and I miss him too. I know it’s eeally hard when someone beloved passes away, but Gideon will always never be forgotten.

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