Cuddly’s Review of Worlds/New Name for Blog

Hey guys and girls! After a lot of weeks of testing and school, I’m quite sure I can post some, anyways, let’s get to the post.

In this post, I’m going to make my own review of Worlds, which has some good and bad things about it, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Let’s start with the negative parts of the game.

Your Avatar’s look does not get transferred from the classic Pop to Worlds.

A few weeks ago in May the 23rd, Worlds finally came out and I got so excited. When I got home from school that day, I went to the website, waited for the long loading to stop, typed in my username and password, and here he was…

Screenshot from 2017-05-23 15-51-04

When I first saw him, I thought, “hey, this isn’t Cuddly…” Yeah, it’s really weird.

So, as you can see, when you log in your account, your avatar’s exact appearance does not get transferred to the new game, so you have to get a completely new look, unless hopefully the creators add new things. (They still haven’t, though. 😦 )

The game is pretty laggy and can crash sometimes.

Alright, here’s Crisis Caverns, I’m gonna explore, wow this place is- WHAT IN THE WORLD, DISCONNECTED?!!! 😡

(picture coming soon)

My Internet is working, and they say I’m disconnected? So, about this, you can get this message randomly just because it’s pretty buggy or it’s getting strained from the traffic. *rolls eyes*

Alright, I’ve logged in and I’m in Home Island again, gonna go for a swim…

Screenshot from 2017-05-23 18-00-41

…and he’s not moving. Perfect. 😦

I was kinda annoyed when I saw this, so I had to refresh the page to resolve this mess.

When playing the game, you can see your avatar all white and bald, let’s call him Bleachy Boy.

I recently saw people saying that there was some “Bleachy Boy” in the game, which kinda seemed like the Afro Guy of the game, right? (Thanks Tareloin for the image! 🙂 )



Luckily, the creators were contacted about the Bleachy Boy glitch and it was finally fixed, hopefully we won’t see this again, so I type #StopBleachyBoy2017! 😎

When moving your character, it’s not as smooth as the classic Pop.

Yeah, all I can say is that the character can move clumsily and it’s difficult to control them. Yeah, he’s just kicking the ground, moving weirdly like a lil’ kid.

There are a lot of negative parts of Worlds, and they are so freaking sick. Geez! Anyways, let’s move on to the positive parts…

When you log in, you have a house and you get to customize it!

Now, your house is on Home Island when you first log in, and it’s on the right on top of that hill with Cliff Horsebuff next to your house. Ahh, there it is!

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-37-10

…and let’s go inside! Ahh, it looks perfect.

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-44-58Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-47-17

Now, inside the house, you can just customize the house with furniture, decorations, anything you like! So, lemme put this Cars 3 Poster on that wall (You guys excited for that movie? 🙂 )

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-49-13

And right now I don’t have any furniture in this house yet, but there’s a shop button in the Decor Tab, when you click on that, you can just click on the tabs and buy things for your house!

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-55-30

I’m gonna take that animal tooth for 15 credits and place it upstairs between those locked doors (they’re locked for now until the creators announce it)… now I have a furniture.

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 14-53-20

And that basketball hoop and the other items that say “Membership” in a yellow button means that only members could buy the item, and I feel like I wanna put this on the negative li-

Random person from the audience: Hey, I’m a member and I can buy this!

I mean, this is negative for nonmembers like me and positive for you members. Especially this is negative for nonmembers… who can’t afford membership.

Anyways, let’s move on…

There’s a prize wheel in the left which you can spin every day and receive free credits!

Every day when you log in the game, go to Captain Scuttlebutt on the ship and spin the big wheel next to him and you will get the amount of credits on part of the wheel when it stops!

Screenshot from 2017-06-14 15-13-23

I got 75 credits today… and spent 15 of ’em on that tooth furniture.

Anyways, that’s all my negative and positive points for Worlds, here’s the summary for my Worlds review:


  1. Your avatar’s exact appearance does not get transferred to the game.
  2. The game can crash and you can get annoyed.
  3. Your character can become completely white colored and bald, also known as Bleachy Boy.
  4. When moving your avatar, the movement is not as smooth as the classic Pop.


  1. You have your own house and you can customize it.
  2. There’s a credits wheel you can spin every day to get free credits.

And finally, here’s my overall rating for Worlds, it gets a


And that concludes my review for Worlds, I hope you all enjoyed it and if you disagree with anything I still respect you. 😉 Do you have anything you can add to my list?

And I guess… that’s all for today, CK out!  Wait! 

Before I end this post, I am going to change this blog’s name to Cuddly’s Worlds, and I probably need a new header and logo for the blog. If you guys are willing to make one for the blog, just don’t be shy, DM me on Discord and I’ll put it up when I have time to.

Anyways, we can end this post now. Cuddly out! 😉


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