You know what guys, I’ll stop posting for now.

Hey guys and girls, I… I have really bad news.

I have been really busy this school year dealing with my grades and communicating with my family, and other stuff, and they really kept me from getting time to make posts and update this blog. My Sophomore and Junior years are the most important years of my life to prepare for college and to go on with my life. 😦

I don’t really want to leave this community, but unfortunately I am going to stop posting on the CKPB until further notice, but I’m not shutting it down. I’m just going to take a break from posting on this blog, don’t think about crying, I’m not leaving.

Before I even press the Publish button on the button, I really want to say that, all of you in the Popcommunity are really awesome people, I mean, everyone, you are all very friendly, creative, funny, and most likely, you all are amazing. I just want to tell you all to stay awesome forever, keep up the good work. :’)

Again, guys and girls, I want to say that I am not leaving the community, I am just going to stop posting on blogs until further notice, and I’ll still be on social media. I’ll go back to posting maybe in the summer break or so (THERE’S 1 MORE MONTH YAAAAAAS)

Anyways, I hope you all stay awesome, and I wish you all good luck to the Popcommunity.

-C.K. signing off ❤

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