It’s been a while…

Hey guys, Vampi here.

So it’s been like, what, 4 months since I made a post on here? I think it’s time to make another one…

First off, when I did my first post (and my only post before this was published) I went by the username DJScratchStep. After that, some controversial stuff happened, and I changed my username to keep myself from being targeted even more. Now I go by DJVampiGamer, DJVampi for short, and Vampi for the shortest.

Now, onto why I’ve not been posting on here for a while. I myself am always doing SOMETHING on some app on my phone (or game on a computer), mostly ranging from hanging out on Discord, to playing Roblox (great game, I’ve gotten a few community members to play it), to watching Chuggaaconroy (who does let’s plays of Nintendo games) and SSundee (who used to be popular and makes Minecraft videos) on YouTube, to posting on my Twitter profile, @DJVampiStep, to watching Netflix, and doing many other things that I don’t wanna waste your time with by listing. Most of the time, that gets in the way of my blogging. (Except after-school sometimes.) So I apologize, and I’ll try to make more posts.

That’s probably all I’m going to talk about here. If you wanna see a place where I post probably weekly, try my Pop blog, Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot.

So as I like to say, keep poppin’ it!



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