Some #PoptropicaArt Finalists!

Hello Poptropicans! This is Melon McMelon with some Poptropica News!


The Creators announced some finalists for the #PoptropicaArt Contest on their blog. They said not to worry if you weren’t one, because they are going to show a bunch more. They also said that MariotropicaX wins everything so he should enjoy the free membership they are including more prizes! I gave a report on the contest not too long ago, so if you would like to view it, click Here! These finalists are just ones that posted their art on Twitter. Here are some finalists!

By anne14tco

Very beautiful and detailed! Is that Thinknoodles?

By Colette L.

Very unique with the mixture of Watercolor and Pencil!


By Criaha C.

I didn’t know Betty Jetty’s favorite past time was Jamming out!

By Purple Claw

Skinny Moon definitely LOVES this! Nice job PC!

By Perfect Sky

Very beautiful and Crystal clear! This art is as Awesome as her Videos!

By SydVC

Very cute picture of PHB author Spotted Dragon’s Poptropican!

By Perfect Lightning

Very detailed Picture of Perfect Lightning and her Shrink Ray! Nice job PL!

Well, that just about wraps up my Report. But first, prepare to be amazed! I will show you my artwork that nobody can beat! Can I get a drumroll please!………. Introducing!!!!!………..Bad art


Isn’t it awesome?

The ripest of Melons, Melon McMelon OUT!!

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