Shoes and Finals

Hey guys and girls! Sorry I haven’t posted for weeks, high school has gotten very hard for me, giving me more school homework every day I need to finish to avoid bad grades. Even of most of you know this, I do NOT home school.

Anyways, here’s some news we missed-

Most of you guys know this, but sneakers have come to Pop! You can earn them in a game called Feats of Speed. You’ll have to beat the extremely fast athlete Speedy Sam in different island challenges. For example, you race Sam up the Poptropi-CON Episode 1 Tower where you race the cheetah bandit up to the top to get the purple sneakers, and race Speedy Sam up to the entrance of the Arabian Nights Thieves’ Lair in Arabian Nights Episode 2 to get the red sneakers.

I didn’t post about the purple and red sneakers all because of my inactivity, but the blue ones are here!

Screenshot from 2016-05-07 20:18:53

Now, to get the blue sneakers, you’ll have to go to Home Island in your blimp and find Speedy Sam running in his threadmill and talk to him. He’ll ask if you want to challenge him to a race of endurance up the Mocktropica mountain, Mount Funshine. When you accept, you’ll have to race against Sam up the mountain and win the race, then he’ll say that you beat the world record and give you the blue sneakers to wear! If you want, you can beat your old record that you got after you raced with Speedy Sam!


I beat my record with Speedy Sam, so here’s my time… man, it was literally tough!


…and here’s me wearing the sneakers. (Hey, it matches my outfit! Except it’s a lighter blue lol XD )

cuddly wear shoes

And before I end this post, I want to tell you all that I will having finals in school two weeks later, so I will be temporarily inactive from posting, so all CKPB authors, please try to be as active as you can in this blog.

And… I guess that’s all for now, until next time, Cuddly out!

-CK a.k.a Wilbur




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