March Madness Winner!

I’ve never posted on this blog and I realised that it wasn’t posted here, so here’s the March Madness winner, just in case you didn’t know:

Your chance to take a journey to old Japan and save a city on the brink of ruin has arrived!

Red Dragon Island is now open to all players, after receiving the most votes in our March Madness competition. We asked players to go to common rooms and vote on the members-only island they most wanted to open. Thank you to everyone who voted.

Have fun rocking kimonos, grooming bonsai trees, and wrestling sumos on your way to slaying the sinister Red Dragon and ending the Shogun’s reign of terror!

Go to Poptropica now to play Red Dragon Island in its entirety!

Many apologies for being inactive in the Poptropica community for this whole time,
-Shaky Skunk 🐼


6 thoughts on “March Madness Winner!

  1. I liked Red Dragon the best out of the March Madness islands, but I kind of wish Wimpy Wonderland won, because I never got to do it D:


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