The Mysterious MotM Photo Booth

Yes, the worst has happened. Poptropica Realms are gone due to a terrible bug. The Creators are working hard to fix it, so Realms should be back soon!

In other news, another Photo Booth has been added to Home Island:

Screenshot 2016-02-16 at 4.05.22 PM.png

Well, I thought it was only going to be added to MotM Island, but whatever.

There are new backgrounds, props, and characters, along with many of the ones from the original Photo Booth.

Screenshot 2016-02-16 at 4.12.49 PM

I’m kind of mad because all of the random Viking dudes are in it, but no Octavian! Come on, Creators, he’s my favorite MotM character!

Anyway, here’s a photo I made. Don’t ask me why Dr. Hare is flying in the background.


Tall Cactus


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