Mega Post 2!

Heeeyyy guys! I’m such a terrible author!! I haven’t posted in, like, FOREVER!!

Forgive me! I’m not worthy!


Just in case, it’s PW. Soooo sorry for not posting, so here’s a mega post!

First off, the weekly membership drawings for the Island Hopper sweepstakes has happened twice. Here are the winners:


Week 1^


Week 2^


Also, 2 new ads! Viewmaster and Mixels, but the Mixels is only for the boys. Find out the prizes by checking them out(hint: Viewmaster is a time waster)!

Also, there has been Christmas costumes added to the store!


*Credit to Slanted Fish for the picture*

Is that it, me? *consults with myself* Yes, it is.

That’s all for now. Pop on!


So... what d'ya think?

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