Fall is in the air– and Store

Heeeyyy, guys! It’s me, PW, with some minor news. The NPC in front of the store on the Hub (with the beanie) now has an outfit in the store! It’s 75 credits, and it looks exactly the same for both boys and girls.


In the app, they have the same store update ($0.99 for 3 outfits)— and something much bigger!timmyfailureappicon

You can upload your avatar’s look and name into the app!! Just make a new player, and press upload. Then input your login info. *poof* You now have your Poptropica avatar in the game!

On a smaller note, you can now download and play Timmy Failure Island.

That’s all I got for today, thanks for popping by and pop on!!

–PW ⊂(。╹ヮ╹。)つ

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