A contest 

Hello poptropicans. It is me RS and for the 8th birthday of poptropica I am gonna do something very special *drumroll sounds* A contest! The winner will be Drew by me Red Spider. Authors are unreliable for this contest but anybody else is, wear what you want drawn and keep it on until it is over, and only enter once. Comment using the guidelines below.

  1. Put your username or avatar studio link
  2. Do you want your poptropicans name on it (yes/no)
  3. Do you want a message on it (if so put what the message is but it must be appropriate. 

Here are some more rules

  • Do not wear ad items
  • Do not wear anything that may be hard to draw (such as rare parts, roped body ect.)
  • Do not change your look once you post the comment

Winners will be announced on September 27  only one will win and everybody has the same chance of winning

here is the ticket numbers (this is not the winners) 

agent sponge’s are 443592 and 443588

ultimate iPad experts are 443589 and 443590

wild sharks are 443586 and 443593

Super drummers are 443595 and 443594

and last muddy kids are 443591 and 443587 


11 thoughts on “A contest 

  1. 1. My username is SmallSponge61, while here is an avatar studio link: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bODBvcTR1VTIxaGJHeFRjRzl1WjJVMk1RPT0%3D
    Whatever you prefer.
    2. Yes, which would be Small Sponge.
    3. There is nothing in particular I would like written on it, besides like the name of my website written in small letters at the top right of the picture. (Website is: http://www.poptropicafriends.wordpress.com)


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