Whatever After Prizes/Mega Dog Costume/Mystery of the Map Stuff/Cuddly’s Snapshot in the CKPB

Hey guys and girls! I had my final exams weeks ago, which is why I haven’t posted (According to my Inactivity post on the CKPB) Now that they’re over, let’s begin this post.

We have a lot of Poptropica News to talk about. Here they are…

Right after you log in Poptropica, there’s two Whenever After Prizes you will get!

That’s right! I logged in Poptropica right into my game, and look! Whenever After Prizes! Let me tell you things about them.

There’s the Prince/Princess-to-beast costume, which has a prince for boys and a princess for girls. For both, you just click on the “use” button and you will turn into a beast! (Unfortunately, I was going to post this days ago, and now the prizes are not here anymore, according to Slanted Fish’s comment in the Poptropica Help Blog , so I can’t show you them. Sorry. 😦 )

To celebrate the Galactic Hot Dogs book being available in Amazon and many book stores, the Creators made a promo code to type in the Poptropica Store!

Yup! You just go to the Poptropica Store and type in GHDBOOK in the promo code box, and you will get a Mega Dog costume from Galactic Hot Dogs!

Featured image

Ugh… the cursor’s on the way. And look-there’s the handheld item, the Jupiter Jolt Sauce gun! Press the spacebar for it…

Featured image

…Oops. I think I shot that at someone. Sorry, lady! Anyways, here’s the rest of the news.

There’s something new in the Poptropica Store; Mystery of the Map Store Items!

The Poptropica Store has 3 MotM store items; the Viking Shield for everyone, and the Island Wildlife Pig and Dodo for members! Here they are:

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

One more piece of Poptropica news- Mystery of the Map Island will be out for members soon!

Featured image

Oh, haggis. It’s on the way. AGAIN. Anyways, the Creators announced that Mystery of the Map island will be open for members in the 21st! They made a trailer for the island:

Wow! Aren’t you members excited? Get ready for MoTM in May 21!

And before I end this post, There’s a game in the CKPB-Cuddly’s Snapshot! I will post a picture from Poptropica each week, and when someone answers it correctly they will be put on the Winners page! More information about this game will be on the “Cuddly’s Snapshot!” page in the Page Navigation.

Okay, now we can end this blog post. ‘Til next time, Cuddly out.

-Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur


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