#dressgate-This dress has been everywhere, and now it’s on Poptropica!

Hey everybody! I know I posted about this a little late, and I’m sorry. It was supposed to be posted earlier, but I never got the chance…

Anyway, a couple of days ago, when you log into Poptropica (I’m not sure if it still does it, though), you can get a dress! (well, not really a dress).


This dress has been going around social media like crazy in the past couple of days. Why?, you ask. Well, here’s the big thing.

The dress, although originally black and blue, appears white and gold for some people. I have seen the dress both black and blue and white and gold.

Poptropica gave out cards to both boys and gold for the dress.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures for it though.

Although the dress doesn’t change colors while you walk (which actually would be pretty cool), you can decide if you want to wear it with gold stripes or black stripes.

Well, that’s it for today!

Trusty Biker

trusty biker pic_updated



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