Poptropica Realms is now open for everyone!

Hey guys and girls! Today there is VERY EXCITING news- POPTROPICA REALMS IS NOW OPEN FOR EVERYONE!!! Oops. Sorry for not calming down. Anyways, let me tell you something about Pop Realms.

See all the bubbles in the image below? If you click on a bubble, you create a new world! The big bubbles are the worlds you already created, so for them, you can enter, share, or delete! When you make a new world, you choose among 7 biomes- Forest, Ice, Desert, Swamp, Lunar, Fire, and Crystal. (Fire and Crystal are for members only. Too bad I’m no member. 😦 ) The biomes also have their own soundtrack now, so there’s no more birds chirping!

Featured image

And for the Poptaniums, you mine natural stuff to get them, and build to spend them. Mining natural stuff gives you 10 Poptaniums, but if you look hard enough, there’s bags and barrels of them that will give you a lot of Poptaniums and if you look harder than that, you will find a chest that will give you a huge bunch.

Featured image

And finally, to get up a level, you will have to build a whole lot.

That’s all about Poptropica Realms! If you want to play Poptropica Realms right now, just GO FOR IT! 🙂

Okay, that’s all for now! CYA!

-CK a.k.a Wilbur


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